Hamilton praises Vettel for awareness: ‘No driver braver than him’

Lewis Hamilton has been committed to removing racism from society for years. He hopes to make the world, and also the Formula One living environment, a lot more diverse. He already spoke out in Miami against a law that applied there. He talks more about racism in society in an interview with DAZN.

Hamilton praises Vettel

“We have to get people to empathise, we need empathy. Sometimes I wonder, does nobody else care? Sebastian was one of those who supported me the most. I have not yet seen a driver as brave as him,” Hamilton says.

“The laws must be changed so that people live better. We are risking our lives to try to educate others,” continued the Englishman from Stevenage. We know by now that Hamilton often speaks out about social problems. Earlier, he said protesters were welcome at Silverstone, provided the protests did not cause danger.

There were no protests in the UK, but Hamilton did tell us there that there were major problems with inclusiveness and diversity, as well as environmental awareness.

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