F1 pundit explains how Red Bull’s aero efficiency has helped the team differentiate itself from the competition

F1 pundit Mark Hughes reckons the unprecedented aero efficiency of the Red Bull RB19 will allow the reigning world champions to dominate F1 in 2023. The Austrian-British outfit has won every single race this year and has obliterated other teams with their pace.

While speaking on The Race F1 podcast, Hughes dove deep into the aero efficiency of the RB19, which was one of the reasons why Red Bull were so dominant. He explained how the championship-leading car is fast on both corners and straights, something that other teams like Aston Martin and Mercedes are unable to achieve. He said:

“What makes it [RB19] so good is it’s outstanding aero efficiency, and that’s quite measurable. When you look at the GPS traces, there are corners where, say, an Aston Martin or a Mercedes can be just as fast or faster even. But in order to do it can’t be anything like as fast on the straights. And if they set it up to be comparably fast on the straights to the Red Bull, then they can’t achieve the Red Bull’s cornering speed.”

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Furthermore, the F1 pundit explained how detailed yet sophisticated the floor of the RB19 looks, something that was exposed during the 2023 F1 Monaco GP qualifying session when Sergio Perez accidentally crashed. He concluded:

“So that’s clearly aero efficiency, but it’s what at the core of that aero efficiency which….that’s the intriguing bit, and that would just seem to be a much more sophisticated understanding of the nuances of ground effect aerodynamics and the others.”

With Adrian Newey at the helm of the car design team, Red Bull has created one of the most technologically and aerodynamically advanced cars in F1.

Christian Horner feels Red Bull cannot dominate like Mercedes for another seven years

Due to new regulations implemented in 2022 and 2026, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner feels his team won’t be able to dominate for the next seven years, similar to what Mercedes pulled off a few years ago. Speaking to the media after the British GP, he explained how the teams will gradually come closer in terms of performance and will eventually overthrow his team.

Horner said (via motorsport.com):

“One thing that we know from this sport is that things will converge. You can already see it starting to happen, and the most important thing to have convergence is to have stability. Stability of regulations will bring all of the teams much closer together. You can see this is already starting to happen. It’s not going to be another seven years of domination.”

🗣️ | Christian Horner does not see Red Bull dominate F1 like Mercedes have in the past

“One thing we know about this sport is that things will converge.

You can already see that it’s starting to happen and the most important thing to have convergence is to have stability.”

It is safe to say that the Austrian-British team will win both championships in 2023. However, since other F1 teams are quickly closing the gap, nothing can be said for sure about next year.

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