Tucker Carlson Breaks the Internet and Interviews Andrew Tate for Over 2 Hours – Tate Tells His Romanian Arrest Story and How the US Embassy Was Not Interested in Getting Him Out (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft | 2

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday released his latest Tucker on Twitter video, Episode 9 – The Andrew Tate interview. Tucker flew to Romania to interview Andrew Tate.

The discussion lasted two-and-a-half hours!

The video was posted at 4:05 PM.

Here it is.

Andrew Tate described his arrest and imprisonment in Romania earlier this year.

At one point in the interview he tells Tucker the US Embassy was not very helpful during his ordeal. Tate is a US citizen. ‘The American Embassy was not particularly helpful. Let’s put it that way. They weren’t very interested in me being locked up without charges.”

Andrew Tate then added this about the US Embassy, “I don’t want to peddle conspiracy theories. And I’ve heard a lot of information but, I wouldn’t say they sanctioned it – but something – they weren’t interested in getting me out. They kind of pretended to care. The UK Embassy did not even pretend to care. The UK Embassy I think enjoyed it.”

We will be updating this post…

Tucker’s introduction was classic Tucker.

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