SUCH BS! Fake News Falsely Accuses Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers of Violating Arizona’s Revenge Porn Laws after Retweeting Censored Hunter Biden Photos – RINO State Rep. Declares Primary Challenge | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson | 126

RINO Arizona State Rep. David Cook has declared a primary challenge against State Senator Wendy Rogers after she shared images of Hunter Biden that he claims are illegal and “completely unacceptable.”

Cook has a history of voting against good legislation and betraying his conservative base. He has also killed numerous election integrity bills in the House, including SB1140SB1141SB1142, and SB1143.

Arizona Capitol Insiders told The Gateway Pundit that Cook has been “attempting to cut deals w democrats for years,” and he “tried on multiple occasions to negotiate with Dems to become Speaker and backstab Republicans in the House.”

Cook’s announcement comes after a new report from AZ Family alleges that Senator Rogers violated Arizona’s revenge porn law “after posting sexually explicit images on Twitter of President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.”

The video that Rogers reportedly retweeted features a naked Biden with prostitutes in censored or blurred photos from a 630-page “report on the Biden laptop.” The report includes photos of foreign leaders and allegedly 459 documented crimes committed by the Bidens and associates, including 140 business crimes, 191 sex crimes and 128 drug crimes.

The video and photos are already widely available on the internet and Twitter. Rogers only retweeted a post by an account with nearly three times more followers.

AZ Family claimed in a TV news report that the clip shows “images we are not allowed to show on air.” The photos are undeniably disgusting; however, as seen in the video below, the pornographic images, including Hunter’s d*ck pics, are censored. If they weren’t, AZ Family could have blurred any explicit sections, but they don’t care about the truth.

Instead of reporting on the Biden family’s crimes, AZ Family turns the finger and highlights Rogers’ sponsored legislation aimed at limiting access to pornography by children. Rogers’ bill, which would require pornographic websites to verify the age of the user without storing any of their identifying information, died in the House with David Cook voting against it.

This isn’t really about revenge porn or sexual images. It’s about hiding the truth and smearing conservatives as the liberal media always does. 

Rogers retweeted the clip below, writing, “It’s all here in black and white. Oh, and apparently in NBC living color.”

Despite the fake news media’s claims of illegality, the report notes, “lawyers who were contacted but unavailable for on-camera interviews said it would be a tough case to prosecute given the Bidens are a high-profile family and because explicit images of Hunter Biden are common on social media platforms.”

State Senator Warren Petersen gave the following statement to AZ Family, notifying them that the retweet, although not illegal, was a mistake, and Senator Rogers “did not realize those images were in that video until it was brought to her attention.”

Nevertheless, State Rep. David Cook tweeted the fake news report from AZ Family, writing, “This is completely unacceptable in LD7 as our Senator. There will be a primary.”

Though Cook disabled the comments on his post, he got lit up with retweets by fed up patriots accusing him of defending Hunter Biden. When asked about his defense of Hunter Biden, Cook denied the claim and told The Gateway Pundit, “I don’t think it’s fair to attack any elected official’s kid whatsoever,” while claiming that Rogers violated the law. 

However, as noted above, this does not appear to be the case whatsoever.

Representative Rachel Jones dared Cook to challenge Rogers, knowing he will likely get destroyed by the popular, unapologetically conservative Senator.

Grassroots activist and founder Merissa Hamilton noted David Cook’s scandalous record and alleged that he is “still on probation for drunk driving among other recent scandals.”

Hamilton further accused Cook of drunk tweeting and sexual harassment. One Capitol insider told us that he has also gone on drunken text message rants against other members.

In 2019 David Cook was charged with Driving Under the Influence. He reportedly told State Troopers during his arrest, “Do you know what you’re doing, son?” and “You’ll get yours,” while driving with a blood-alcohol content of nearly twice the legal limit. Upon learning that his driving privileges were suspended, Cook reportedly told Troopers, “It’s fine, my wife works at the MVD.”

Cook has also faced numerous scandals in the past, including a House Ethics Committee investigation that found evidence of an extramarital affair with former agriculture industry lobbyist AnnaMarie Knorr and his “use of alcohol while conducting official business including a meeting at the governor’s office.”

In a phone call with The Gateway Pundit, Cook denied the findings of this investigation.



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